Thursday, January 17, 2013

Florida Satanists. . .for Prayer in Schools?

It's not hard to see why satanists are attracted to Florida.
Look at this guy! Image from source, Inquisitor.
In an extremely apt case of "I told you so," the prayer-in-schools crowd is getting a lesson in why that may result in things they didn't anticipate. I've been using this example for decades, but someone's actually finally putting it to use. Other reasons that born again types might want to reconsider their stance are, Mormon prayer in schools, Celtic chants in schools, bowing to Mecca in schools. . .the list is lengthy.


Florida Satanists Fight For … Prayer In Schools

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Governor Rick Scott of Florida has some rather unusual support behind his recently-signed “prayer in schools” bill. Though the Christian population of the state must undoubtedly support the bill, it’s the Satanists who are turning out in force to rally for the measure. . .
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