Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Somebody Finally Noticed: Is John Boehner a Lush?

Image from Wonkette
Boozy. Other than "weepy" or "orange," that is the best descriptive term for Speaker of the House John Boner Boehner.  Whether he is or is not often publicly inebriated is open to speculation, but there is no question that it seems like it. Curiously though, it was only bloggers or the occasional comedian who would say so. And sure, the linked article below is from Wonkette--a blog, if a big one--but it's linked to The Fix and Salon, which makes me think the issue is coming to the fore. Will Boehner have to address it, in a teary-eyed press conference?


The Fix: Is John Boehner Hitting The Bottle?

The Fix, as reposted by Salon, had a simple question: Is John Boehner hitting the bottle? But nobody could discover the answer, because the story was one million three hundred seventy-four thousand two hundred twenty five point four words long, all like "Five days before Christmas, House Speaker John Boehner stood before the Republican-controlled Congress—his Plan B alternative for avoiding the fiscal cliff defeated by lack of votes from his own party, a public humiliation and repudiation of the Speaker’s authority, rare in House history. . ."

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