Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leaked Memo Tells GOP to Stop Using "Illegals"

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Well, duh. If you want to stop offending groups of people, stop using terms they find offensive. Easy peasy. But simply getting the GOP to stop using the term "illegals" for undocumented immigrants, is really not enough. I mean, we already trained them not to use the "n" word, and they just started using euphemisms and dog whistles. They're still thinking of creative ways to call the president "lazy" and "uppity." So, will knocking off "illegals" really be that much of an improvement? I guess it's a start.


Leaked memo tells GOP to stop calling immigrants ‘illegals’

Republican lawmakers are being encouraged on a new set of talking points when it comes to addressing both immigration reform and Latino voters, according to a memo obtained by The Hill on Monday. The memo, prepared by the Hispanic Leadership Network (HLN), encourages the use of the term “undocumented immigrants” as opposed to “illegals” or “aliens,” and discourages criticisms of the new immigration proposal by a group of GOP and Democratic senators using the word“amnesty. . .”

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