Thursday, January 17, 2013

President Obama Gets Tough on Guns. . .NRA Pissed

Big surprise (literally) that President Obama actually took fairly dramatic action, with executive orders and other stern recommendations to Congress regarding gun control. Good for him, it's about time. No, none of these things individually will stop all (or most) mass shootings. But chipping away at the likelihood of such events is a good thing, and each measure is a puzzle piece toward the solution. Now, if something in there doesn't work, or turns out to be too restrictive, gun rights activists can calmly put together a reasonable position paper to overturn or repeal. . .oh, forget it, they'll just lose their shit over it. [Story continues below]
This is a particularly disturbing video, in my opinion, and also a very bad analogy.

Sorry, wrong tense. They're losing their shit already. Big surprise (sarcastically), the National Rifle Association is mightily pissed, to say the very, very least. Big deal. Suck it up LaPierre. Unless Democrats cower out of reflex, your organization has no real power anymore. The candidates the NRA threw money at in 2012 lost, and lost badly. Almost all of them. So what danger do they represent besides riling their craziest members. Oh wait, that is dangerous. Those people are proving to be psychos. They're confirming our worst suspicions about gun enthusiasts.


NRA Slams Obama Gun Control Proposal

Following President Obama's announcement on Wednesday of sweeping measures to help prevent gun violence, the National Rifle Association accused the president of "attacking firearms and ignoring children. . ."

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