Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton Rocks Congress, Part 1: Doesn't Like Sunday Shows

Clinton, in one of her feistier moments. Image from
Huffington Post.
I call this Part 1 because I'm pretty sure I'll have more later. What I'll have to say about this part is that I can certainly understand not liking to do the Sunday shows. What I don't understand, is why the Republicans made so much of Susan Rice's appearance on the Sunday shows in Hillary Clinton's stead. Whether Rice was dissembling, in the dark, mistaken, or 100% correct with what she knew at the time is rather immaterial. That was five days after the Benghazi attack. It's not like the story wasn't clarified, hashed and re-hashed. It isn't still five days later. The laser-like focus on that detail is just bizarre. I really, really don't get it, unless it was just a craven attempt to throw a stick in President Obama's spokes during the run-up to election.


Hillary Clinton: 'Going On The Sunday Shows Is Not My Favorite Thing To Do' 

 Hillary Clinton told a House committee on Wednesday that she avoided going on Sunday talk shows in the wake of the attack in Benghazi in part because she just doesn't like them that much. . .

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