Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Boehner Resorting to "Tricks" on Payroll Tax Holiday?

John Boner Boehner, from ThinkProgress
It is normal--regrettable, but normal--for a politician to spout a line, while doing the opposite. For some time, the Republicans have been the very vocal party of "tax cuts." Didn't matter what tax, or if it caused deficits, cutting it is always a good thing. Except for when it isn't.

Far more important than adhering to their own principles, to House and Senate Republicans, is beating Barack Obama. It's more important than taxes. It's more important than the economy. If people are unemployed, homeless, starving, it's all collateral damage. Beat Obama. But what happens if those unemployed, homeless, starving people wake up and see that it's the Republicans what done it to 'em?


BREAKING: House Republicans Again Delay Payroll Tax Cut Vote, May Resort To Procedural Gimmicks 

In a stunning move, the House Republican leadership postponed a vote planned for late tonight on a two-month extension of the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits that passed the Senate with a huge bipartisan majority. Republicans planned to reject the Senate bill today in a gambit to force the upper chamber to come back from recess and pass a longer term extension. . .

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  1. I' glad the House did what they did. The bill is BS- it's not about jobs or a tax break. It is, however, about raising taxes on people who buy a home.
    As far as the huge support in the Senate, they only want to go on vacation.
    As a conservative, I find it troubling that Dean Heller sounds like Shelly Berkley on this issue.
    If this Senate bill is such a good idea, then extend everything for a year and after the elections, not for 2 months.


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