Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FOX "News" Lies Again

There are some certainties in this world. Celebrities will do stupid things. Mitt Romney will flip-flop. And FOX "News" will flagrantly, obviously lie. They lie in countless ways, and I've documented many of them over the years. This is just the latest. Can't be letting the economy look like it's improving now, can we?

Notice that today's 8.6% is higher than March's 8.8%.
Image from source, Media Matters


Today In Dishonest Fox News Charts

It looks like Fox is trying to mislead its viewers on the unemployment rate. Again.
On Monday, Fox News displayed a chart illustrating changes to the unemployment rate during 2011. . .

Read more at source: Media Matters


  1. I don't really understand how Fox News continues to have such dedicated followers when they just keep misreporting things. Is it that people don't want the truth or that all of the lights and jazzy graphics just convince them that even that which is documented to be false doesn't override their dedication.

  2. There is a conservative media bubble inhabited by the FOX Fans & Limbaugh listeners. They hear something on FOX or Hannity or Levin or Beck, and then they call in to the same shows and regurgitate what they've heard back to the hosts. When you hear things like "Saul Alinsky" or "Jeffrey Immelt" you KNOW they got it from right-wing media. They'd never know those names otherwise. They've created a fictional version of President Obama who's a Kenyan Muslim Socialist Marxist Maoist Statist, whose personal goal is to destroy America. It's crazy.


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