Thursday, December 22, 2011

Liberal Talk Radio Quake in San Francisco

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In 2008, my state of Nevada voted for Barack Obama. Were it up to the most populous county--Clark, home of Las Vegas--it would have been a landslide. But, Las Vegas has never had a liberal talk radio station. Conservative talk hosts and fans say that "the market has spoken," and that there is no market for liberal talk. But I don't believe that. In fact, it would be a difficult conclusion to draw, when a serious attempt at the format has rarely been tried on an equal playing field.

Air America Radio was an experimental liberal talk network, launched in 2004, ahead of George W. Bush's re-election. It was fronted by Al Franken (now a Senator), Rachel Maddow (now a successful MSNBC host), Janeane Garofalo (acclaimed actress), and Randi Rhodes (the queen of liberal talk). Unfortunately, the money guys and others behind the scenes weren't radio people. And most of the stations they secured were low-powered, with spotty reception. AAR hung on for several years, with much tribulation, and then went out of business. But by then, the stars were gone anyway.

Shows like The Stephanie Miller Show, The Ed Schultz Show, The Thom Hartmann Show and others survived (or were never a part of) AAR. They've managed to do well, but with a far smaller terrestrial radio reach. Most of the time, when the format has been tried, it has been on those low-wattage, smaller stations. When the format has succeeded in its market, often it is dumped anyway. In fact, a Madison, Wisconsin station dumped liberal talk, and ended up re-upping when the replacement format tanked. It then became one of the strongest liberal stations in the country. I have been listening to liberal radio since the birth of AAR on my computer. It's the only place you can get it here (well, and nowadays on your smart phones).

My image for my burned CD of the Sexy Liberal Tour.
Feel free to steal it, if you want it!
Right now, Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour has been taking her show on the road, with John Fugelsang, Hal Sparks and local celebrity guests. The show is burning up the stages, outpacing many other established acts. Their online concert album is doing extremely well on iTunes and They're selling out auditoriums in states that have no liberal media presence. But that didn't stop the owners of the only San Francisco liberal radio station from monkeying with the format. San Francisco. The most liberal city in America. See, there's no market for it. Bullcrap! "Liberal media," my gay, moonbat, lefty, liberal ass!

PS. Steph, bring Sexy Liberal to Las Vegas, please? And bring Chris LaVoie and Jim Ward with you!


Clear Channel Allows Progressives to Stay on Air in San Francisco, but Adds Glenn Beck to Line-Up 

You might call it splitting the baby. Sort of.
Progressive radio will be allowed to remain on our public AM airwaves in San Francisco, though with major schedule shake-ups, the removal of its popular progressive branding and several bizarre additions to the line-up, including far Rightwing extremists such as former Fox "News" phenom Glenn Beck in the place of what had been one of Green960's most popular morning shows. . .

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  1. sad.. we now have 3 right wing nut stations and no progressive radio.. corporations rule the airway in san francisco no less..


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