Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poutrage! The 10 Most Ridiculous Right Wing Outrages of 2011

The entire New Black Panther Party. Image from source.
I don't know for certain that there is someone out there drawing up talking points, and distributing them daily to FOX "News," Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the other 448 right-wing talkers. But it sure seems that way. When you start hearing something from different people that sounds weird--you know, like outrage about the "Cash for Clunkers" program, months after it ended--you can bet it lit right wing world on fire recently.

You can almost always be sure that the story is at best over hyped.  At worst an outright lie. But even if the story has been utterly and thoroughly debunked (see: Obama's Birth Certificate), it will live on in right wing world forever. It will be repeated in the future as surely as Obama's "57 states" gaffe from 2008. And it will be recalled with righteous anger. These manufactured outrages are so plentiful, I'm surprised they can be narrowed down to just ten.


The 10 Most Ridiculous Right-Wing Outrages of 2011

Call them nontroversies, poutrages or pseudo-scandals. Since the 2008 elections, the conservative media have peddled a seemingly endless series of trumped-up non-stories, pitched as scandals rivaling Watergate, to their loyal rubes in an attempt to paint liberals, the media, scientists, Democrats and Obama – and other enemies of the Wingnut State – as perfidious, dishonest or downright treasonous. . .

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