Thursday, December 22, 2011

Naughty Christmas Songs: Jackie Beat's Santa's Baby

One from the vaults. . .

These Christmas songs are a little further around the bend than I'm willing to post on the front page. Some are naughty, some are gross, some are both.

So here's how it works. If you are 1) easily offended, 2) a hard core Conservative (thus lacking a sense of humor), or 3) a "humorless, stick up the butt Liberal" ( The Stephanie Miller Show), do not click the link "Read more." If you're like me, and you enjoy the bawdy, irreverent and brash, by all means, click through!

Santa's Baby by Jackie Beat


  1. Umm, Holy Crap? Is Jackie a guy or a girl?

  2. So I'm standing in this parking lot leaning on my car, or at least I think it's my car, and it's really, really hot out, and I'm holding a cigarette but I'm not sure why because I'm pretty sure I don't cheap ray bans, but, whatever. I'm wearing dark, wrap-around Ray-Ban sunglasses, or, well, cheap knock-offs anyway, but, like, I look cool, so who cares.All around me in the parking lot are shiny cars glistening in the sun, totally blinding me even though my sunglasses are almost too dark for me to even see through. I have no idea what kind of sense that makes, to have sunglasses that dark. Anyway, I'm looking out over the pool of cars, and suddenly there's this crashing and I look to my right,


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