Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Big Donald Trump/Newsmax Debate Cancelled

Now, why shouldn't we take this elegant man seriously?
Well, it's not like you couldn't see this coming. It was a ridiculous notion in the first place. And I'm not just talking about the oafish Donald Trump, but the odious Newsmax. I mean, why not a World Net Daily or a FreeRepublic.com debate? Good grief.

The fun part has been watching it devolve. The Donald is far too arrogant and self-important to just own up to the fact that it wasn't happening. No, he had to slowly downgrade it, while maintaining that those who wouldn't attend were cowards. It was kind of the white-mogul version of Herman Cain's "lie first, change story later" routine. But thank you, Mr. Trump, for proving that even this clown show could get even more ludicrous.


Trump debate appearance canceled 

This just in: Donald Trump has bowed out of moderating the Newsmax debate in Iowa later, announcing his decision in a statement saying he will not give up the option of running for president as an independent. . .

Read more at: Politico

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