Friday, December 2, 2011

Rachel Maddow: Will FOX "News" Pick GOP Candidate?

They're sure going to try, that part is clear. But it didn't really work out for them in 2008, did it?

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  1. I enjoyed Rachel's story on the "Murdoch Primary".

    I think Fox is trying to push Gingrich over Romney because Romney appeals to many moderates and thus could win the 9012 election.

    This would be a DISASTER for Fox News ratings and ad revenues.

    Rush Limbaugh and Fox enjoyed their greatest growth during the Clinton administration. When Bush "won" in 2000, they no longer had an easy outsider attack position. Now they had to uncomfortably explain and/or defend Bush/Cheney policies.

    Obama's election turned things around again and Fox is riding high. Rupert does not want to go back to the Bush years, and is doing everything possible to torpedo a Romney nomination, as illustrated in Rachel's wonderful Bret vs. Sean interview comparison.

    MSNBC is on a roll. I love Rachel and Ed's no-punches-pulled truth-telling!

  2. I didn't like it when MSNBC switched Lawrence & Ed. Not a huge Ed fan. But I've been going to the gym since it got dark too early to walk comfortably outside, and I've been watching Hardball and Ed on the treadmill. Ed's growing on me.

  3. Wow, anon, the 2000 election was 11 years ago and you are still bitter? Get over it.
    And how many viewers does MSNBC now have? 75- 100 people? Maybe they are jealous because they don't get the ratings that Fox gets.
    But there are a lot of reasons why conservatives don't like Romney- Romney Care comes to mind. And Gingrich isn't much better. The moment he made the global warming commercial with Nancy Pelosi made him unelectable within the GOP.
    And Gingrich couldn't win- he has very few workers and little money. He has no organization.
    As a conservative, I like Cain, but he won't survive the lyncing he is getting from the right and the left. Perry sucks for many reasons.
    So, I am pretty much screwed.

  4. Dan, I know it's fun to make fun of MSNBC's ratings, but they do have the highest rated shows NOT on FOX "News." Rachel's show is higher rated than anything on CNN, for instance. Plus, liberals tend to get their media in other ways, such as via the internet. Old Republican farts sit in their La-Z-Boy all day with FOX running continuously. :) Anyway, FOX draws about double MSNBC's ratings. So if MSNBC is nothing, FOX is only DOUBLE nothing!

    I don't think Cain's getting any lynching from the left. Other than commenting on the circus, I'm pretty sure this is all coming from the right. But Cain--like Gingrich--didn't start out as a serious campaign. He also has no ground team. Both of them are book sellers and speakers for a fee. This pumps them both up. I don't think either of them wanted to be President for realz.


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