Monday, December 5, 2011

Herman Cain, We're Going to Miss You

Time to cross Herman Cain of of the list. And maybe a couple of others. There are people pictured at left that I don't even remember the names of, only that they declared their candidacy. I think the guy on the bottom right is Fred Karger, the gay Republican candidate. Like that'll happen.

The funny thing about losing Herman, is the allegation that this was "done to him" by the left. Phooey. There were what, seven women? And corroboration from people who were there? Cell phone records? And he pulls the plug only after he goes home to talk to his wife. I don't know if this all happened organically, or if there were political maneuverings behind the scenes. But it seems much, much more likely to me that Cain's Republican opponents, or operatives like Karl Rove would be behind this. This would be right up Rove's skeevy alley.

And I was so looking forward to an opposition commercial based on Herman's Head. Oh, well.


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