Friday, December 30, 2011

What Happens in Vegas: Las Vegas Hilton Sign Coming Down

This is a sign of the times, literally. The Las Vegas Hilton sign is well known, and has been a landmark of its own in the past. At one time, it was the largest free-standing sign in the world. And then it collapsed in a taco-shape one day in a wind storm. It was remodeled after that, but it remained familiar in appearance. Now, it will be removed, since the property will be changing its name to. . .wait for it. . .LVH: Las Vegas Hotel & Casino! That's just so. Different. Or something. Anyway, goodbye LVH! And hello, LVH!

Current sign, image from 8NewsNow
Thanks to Stupid Monkey Planet for the link.

Source: 8NewsNow

A shot of the rubble after the collapse of the original sign.
Image from: July 20, 1994, edition of the Sun.

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