Saturday, December 17, 2011

Georgia "Birther" Suit Tries to Block Obama from Ballot

There are certain conspiracy theories that just. Won't. Die. It doesn't matter that every single element of it has been disproved. It doesn't matter that the root of it is really ugly. No, the based-in-racism "Birther" conspiracy theory lives and breathes, even though its brain is dead.

The part of the theory behind this current round of insanity is the quack claim that a person must have two citizen parents to be a "natural born citizen." This is stated nowhere in law, but after all the other elements of Birtherism were dropped by all but the most insane, they're clinging to it.

By the way, if you are one of those easily-swayed people who think there just might be something to all this Birther stuff, save yourself the embarrassment, and go to Obama Conspiracy Theories. There, you'll find each part of the theory debunked thoroughly and entertainingly. Enjoy.


Georgia ‘Birther’ suit attempts to remove Obama from 2012 ballot

According to Dustin Baker of the blog Georgia Politico, a suit has been filed with the office of Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp challenging Barack Obama’s legitimacy to appear as a presidential candidate on the ballot in the November 2012 elections. . . 

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