Saturday, December 3, 2011

Please Visit Us on Facebook & Twitter

Ever since Greenlee Gazette began in June 2007, I've received valuable help from my good friend who goes by the pseudonym Stupid Monkey Planet. He fills in for me when I'm away, he descends from the canopy at irregular occasions to brighten up the blog, and he provides countless links that help me keep the blog fresh and interesting.

He has recently started the Stupid Monkey Planet Church of Primatheism on Facebook. There will be some crossover between SMPCoP and Greenlee Gazette both on Facebook and here on the blog. But you'll find countless bonuses on his site that do not appear here. 

But it's difficult to get these things moving in a vacuum, so here is an appeal to you to join us both in these other venues. Please click the links below to join us there. It only takes a few seconds! Thank you for reading, and please come back often!

  Follow GreenleeGazette on Twitter 

1 comment:

  1. The SMPCoP also features The Insatiable Altar Boy Jamisahn...

    For the record he'll do just about anything for a candy bar. >wink-wink< >nudge-nudge<


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