Thursday, December 22, 2011

More on the Very Stupid Faux Outrage Over Obama's Christmas Card

I already mentioned the stupid, stupid faux outrage over President Obama's Christmas card. If you didn't know, it's a warm, festive card with a fireplace, and the First Dog, Bo. There's a poinsettia, presents. . .it's certainly better decorating than I've ever done. But conservatives like Sarah Palin and others are so against anything and everything Obama, they've got to pick it apart. He didn't mention Chistmas!!! There's not a Christmas tree!!! It's almost as if the Republican outrage machine is based on this woman's world view:

When you know the real history of Christmas, all of the ridiculous "put the Christ back in Christmas" stuff is ironic. Jesus was actually grafted onto the holiday, which has its roots in Paganism and other cultures. And of course, the Puritans actually outlawed the practice of Christmas, because they knew from whence it came.  But the War on Christmas™ being fought by FOX "News" is seemingly trying to make Christmas even more commercial than it already is. They're constantly haranguing retailers for saying "Happy Holidays" and "Seasons Greetings." Because somehow, Christians are downtrodden, marginalized people. Hah!

That all plays perfectly into the everything Obama does is bad crowd at Christmastime. The card is wrong and evil. He's going on vacation to that foreign country, Hawaii! He took his dog to PetSmart! Horrors!!! Funny though, that most things they try to tar Obama with, turn out to be standard operating procedure for all Presidents.  As Herman Cain said, "Now, I don't have facts to back this up," but I'm still convinced this is rooted in racism.

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