Thursday, December 1, 2011

Captain Obvious: Atheists Do Not Have a Faith

This is just a quick post, written after too many "faith" and "religion" posts that I've read recently. In America, we are not required to follow any particular--or any at all--religion, or "faith." Unfortunately for we "unfaithful," the faithful cannot comprehend our disbelief. Most religious people, particularly the devout kind, have an extremely difficult time putting their selves in our shoes. To them, unbelievers are belligerent people, denying the truth that they secretly believe to be true. No.

Again, NO. Atheists, atheistic agnostics and other irreligious people simply don't believe in god or gods, deity or deities. It isn't up to us to explain or discover the origin of the universe. We don't claim to know the secrets to all that is. We just simply state that we don't subscribe to the belief systems of the thousands/hundreds of thousands/millions of religions that have dominated the earth. We hold a neutral, non-supernatural "what is, is" philosophy. That is no more a faith than "bald" is a hair color.

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