Friday, March 25, 2011

Arizona, Rosie's Den, The Hoover Dam Bypass and the Lottery

The original journey to Arizona (now slightly different with the bypass)
If Greenlee Gazette abruptly ends after today, and then starts up in a few weeks as a power-house Huffington Post-like web presence, then you'll know that my venture today was successful! After checking the PowerBall and Mega Millions tickets The Other Half got while on the road the other day, I noticed that they are both up in stratospheric jackpots. And though Las Vegas and Nevada do not have a lottery, there's a place in California (33 miles away) and one in Arizona (53 miles away) that sell one or both types of tickets. Since Rosie's Den in Arizona has both types, and since I've never driven over the new Matt O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge, I elected to go there.

First, I've got to say that the new Hoover Dam bypass is awesome. If you've ever dared to cross the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada, you know that it is ten kinds of torture. The endless switchback road with bumper-to-bumper traffic, and the stupid little security checkpoint would have Mother Theresa cursing like a sailor. Now that they've built the bypass and opened the bridge, the trip is easy-breezy. Sure, you still have to trudge through Boulder City (surely they didn't want to be left out), and go past the Hacienda at 35 mph, but other than that? Smooth sailing. I made the round trip--including a stop for gas--in under two hours. How's that for impressive?

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Rosie's Den is a quaint little watering hole, with a bar and restaurant, with typical roadside trinkets and snacks. They've got pool tables, and sodas, and of course the lottery station. The lady who was running it today, and on my last visit, could have come out of central casting. She was friendly, a little flirty, a little brassy. There was no line to wait in. Everything about the trip was smooth as silk. The same cannot be said about the little lottery barn thingy they have at Primm on the Nevada/California border. There, you'll have to wait in a queue of dozens, maybe a hundred people.

The new bridge looks spectacular from the dam, as I noticed last time I was there. But driving on the bypass, it comes up on you with no fanfare, and you can't even see the dam. It's just part of the new, smooth bypass road. If you weren't paying attention, you'd miss it altogether. Still, it's an amazing achievement, and a dramatic difference for anyone trying to travel from one state to the other. Good job, guys.

So, I wait breathlessly for the new version of the American Dream. It's kind of sad that instead of becoming safely ensconced in middle class, most of us just hope that one day we'll strike it rich. But I am hoping! My three scratch-offs yielded nothing. But I'm crossing my fingers for the big enchilada. I promise to be very, very generous should the fates be the same.


  1. Did you stop and see the Big Horn sheep in Boulder City or have done it in the past? Great treat to see.

  2. Nope, just a quick trip down and back. Maybe next time. And hey, did you see the hugemungus line they had at Primm's little lottery stop? HUGE, and in the drizzly cold. No. Thank. You. Am I the only one to discover Rosie's Den?

  3. Sorry man, but being a "local" out by Rosies for years, I have to let you know, people only come to Rosies for Lotto and Powerball anymore, since the water problems, health dept problems, and Brads illnesses and drug abuse, the word is out and people are starting to stay away..........

  4. Thanks, man. But since all I ever got there was lotto tickets and a bottle of Diet Pepsi, I think I'm OK!

  5. To the local........ why would you want to trash Rosie's that way?

    I'm a local, too, and all I've ever known is kindness from Rosie and her family, great food, and an awesomely relaxed atmosphere throughout the restaurant, bar, and courtyard.

    It's really heartbreaking to me and many others....... employees, family, friends, and guests alike are very anxious to see Rosie's "Den" rebuilt.

  6. I agree with To the Local! Why would you trash this place? We love it, and can not wait to ride down there again. We used to go all the time and we will be going again. If you don't like it move, and what you said is just not ok on so many levels. If someone has a drug problem, (how would you know? do you sell it to him?) he would need help not trashing. You are a small person indeed. Hiding behind the internet.

  7. Rosies is a great watering hole for a lot of people who ride every weekend. When she needed help from the fire a LOT of clubs and independent riders raised money and donated materials and food for the people who live there as well as to support Rosie. Im assuming anonymous is from the Last Stop and they wish it to remain so because they know when Rosie's is completely done jumping throught the hoops of permits etc. every weekend the bikes will be packing the parking lot...maybe she should get a gas station to and end the unfriendly competition...lolol if you LIVE out there why wouldnt you WANT more than one place in the middle of nowhere land...keeps prices down as opposed to a monopoly...just saying!

  8. The above post is right on!! Rosie get a gas station and we will all ban the last stop. Or make sure we have enough to get to another one that is not that one.. JS

  9. FYI.......... a truck stop is being built right next to Rosie's and Texas finally got their permit to construct the crossover they need for people to access the highway from the Southbound direction. Not sure which will happen first but both will make it easier for Rosie's many, many visitors and guests to fuel up after a ride.

    Last time I put gas in my bike across the street, the price was over $2 MORE per gallon than Texaco. Talk about HIGHWAY robbery!

  10. I have never seen the hover dam in person, but I want to someday. I want to travel the world and see what it has to offer. It is my dream to travel the world and see sites and just have fun.
    Jak Manson |


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