Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trey Parker & Matt Stone Discuss The Book of Mormon, Their Broadway Show

I'm not a big theater fan (though I did see "Cats" at the Winter Garden. . .does that count?). But I really like skewering sacred cows, I consider religion in general, but Mormonism in particular to be preposterous, and I love Trey Parker and Matt Stone (but when did Stone become the cute one?). ABC's Jake Tapper interviewed the South Park creators about their Broadway creation, and the result is highly entertaining. Enjoy.

Found at: Joe.My.God.


  1. I have a problem with outsiders making fun of other people's religions. I just don't think it is right.
    However, if a person makes fun of their own religion, like a Mel Brooks who makes fun of the Jews, I have less of a problem. And Brooks is the funniest of them all, IMHO.

  2. Common wisdom in American culture is that we are all supposed to respect other people's religious beliefs. In matter of fact though, a lot of us don't. Particularly evangelical or fringe extremist religions (think Rev. Phelps). Regularly, these religions (and you can throw in Catholics and Mormons in the case of gay rights) try to codify their religious beliefs into LAW. In effect, they are showing NO respect toward citizens who do not share their beliefs.

    I'm an atheistic agnostic. I don't believe any religion is true. I used to practice a "live and let live" attitude toward religions. But the truth is, they show ZERO respect for my lack of belief. As a double-minority (gay and unbeliever) trapped in a majority (white male) body, I've experienced some of this hostility first hand, when people didn't know I was "not one of them." When religious people talk freely, unaware that an infidel is among their midst, there is a SHOCKING lack of respect for anyone's beliefs but THEIR OWN.

    So, go to it, Matt & Trey! I hope you make millions.

  3. I think it's important how one goes about making fun of other people's religions. Trey Parker and Matt Stone made fun of Mormonism (and Scientology) mainly by stating those religions' own doctrines. It was similar to the way that Kevin Smith (in Dogma) made fun of Catholicism (which is his own religion, by the way). Parker & Stone also showed a certain affection for Mormons (though not Scientologists) despite not sharing (or having any sympathy for) their religious beliefs.

  4. The thing you must also consider here, Dan, is that the Morons(oops)Mormons show up on your doorstep peddling their beliefs to you. After they invite themselves into your life they explain all they really want is for you to worship their version of god & give them 10% of your paycheck. hmmmm...

    I have a problem with "outsiders" peddling or pushing their religious beliefs upon the doorstep of my home.

    Needless to say, as soon I shoo them off & shut the door... I make fun of them. They asked for it, I didn't.

  5. Good point, Monkey! Is there anything more annoying than a missionary?


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