Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sarah Palin Coins Another Word: "Squirmish"

Sarah Palin--if past is truly prologue--will quickly claim this error as a good thing, another Palinism. After all, she has claimed in the past that Shakespere coined words, so why not ShakesPalin? And I'm sure people will lobby for it to be included in the Random House Dictionary.


Sarah Palin questions whether military attack was a “squirmish”

Here’s how the ultraconservative news site described Sarah Palin’s Monday night criticism of President Obama’s address to the nation:

“Are we at war? I haven’t heard the president say that we are at war. And that’s why I too [don’t know] do we use the term intervention, do we use war, do we use skirmish?. . .”

Read more at: Chicago Sun-Times

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