Monday, March 7, 2011

Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) Not Running For Senate in 2012

"And so, since my parents paid the hush money, this is not
technically prostitution. . ." Photo from NY Times
Wow, that was slow. It's been forever ago, politically speaking, that John Ensign got busted for schtupping one of his staffers (and that's just the tip of that iceberg of a story). Why now? I mean, David Vitter got busted soliciting hookers from the House floor for goodness' sake, and he got both a standing ovation from his colleagues and won reelection! My guess is that Ensign either a) is polling badly, b) is having trouble raising money, c) his wife is pitching a fit and doesn't want the attention all over again, or d) all of the above.  But like the earlier disgraced Senator from a neighboring state, Sen. Larry Craig (R-Wide Stance), Ensign will serve out his term, which for Ensign is all the way to January 2013! Way to milk the taxpayer, Captain Hairdo!


Senator, After Scandal, Won’t Run Again

Senator John Ensign, the two-term Nevada Republican caught up in a sex and ethics inquiry, announced Monday that he would not seek re-election in 2012 to avoid what he predicted would be an “exceptionally ugly” campaign. . .
Read more at: New York Times

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  1. I feel for Ensign's wife. She had to be totally embarassed being up there with him today and every other time she had "stand by her man".
    She has to think when people see her "Johnny cheated on me for that bitch?"
    Sad for her.


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