Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Frivolity Break: Jimmy Fallon as Charlie Sheen

Yeah, I'm still having difficulty finding something good to blog about it. But I'm not down about it. Duh. Winning!


  1. Wow, you talk about a guy who probably won't live for another year or two.
    I feel bad for the kids- horrible parents on both sides.
    But Sheen has done himself in. He won't get another good acting job again. Hopefully, he has saved his money.

  2. I'm not sure Martin Sheen's been a bad dad. His other kids seem to have turned out okay. I know nothing about his mom. I'm inclined to agree on Charlie's career, but you never know. Robert Downey Jr. looked JUST as bananas, and he turned out okay. Britney Spears seems to have fixed herself, and the verdict isn't known on Linday Lohan yet. There have been others with second or third acts. Hopefully Charlie will come through the looking glass. But he's getting pretty old to start over.

  3. Oh, you mean Charlie and his wife are bad parents. I get it.


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