Monday, March 21, 2011

Right Wing World: FOX "News" Attacks Obama on Brazil Trip, Other Crap

By now, it is obvious that it doesn't matter what President Barack Obama does or says (or doesn't say or do) that will garner a positive response from a big chunk of right-wing world. It's also clear that talk radio and FOX "News" work in tandem to set the narrative, and let all their followers know the storyline: Obama's dithering. He's too slow to act. He's not a leader. He didn't ask Congress! He jumped in without permission! Often this leads to contradictory storylines, sometimes from the same talking head. But it doesn't matter. Cognitive dissonance is par for the course.

But it just sounds kind of desperate when they start whining about the first lady, the kids, the extended family. The very notion that if the President is in South America, he's just tra-la-la on vacation, and not doing anything else. Obama's itinerary is probably busier on any given day than most of us tackle in a very busy month. It is evident that Obama has finally clued in to the notion that the right is going to hate him--and gin up faux controversies--no matter what, and isn't caring as much anymore. Good for him.

The vaguely creepy Chris Wallace, host of
FOX "News" Sunday, Image from Media Matters

Fox Attacks Obama's Brazil Trip As A "Vacation" Then Refuses To Air His Speech

Today, President Obama spoke in Brazil, highlighting that country's rising economic power, growing middle class, and transition from military dictatorship to thriving democracy. The speech capped off a visit meant to promote the United States' economic relationship with Brazil and the entire South American region, with the stated purpose of encouraging job growth. . .
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