Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh My GOD: Congress Wastes Time on "In God We Trust"

I'm well known to be an agnostic (almost atheist), but I'm usually not to loud about it. While I don't think that "One nation under God" should be in the pledge of allegiance, and I don't think "In God We Trust" should be the national motto, I don't make much of a stink about it. Mostly because even though you must go through mental contortions to believe they are Constitutional, they are also loved as dearly by some people as guns are by the NRA. It's one of those areas where I think it's much easier to leave well enough alone.

But when people start getting nuts about it, then I start to get irritated. It's like that idiot judge who wanted the massive ten commandments sculpture at the courthouse. Buddy, there's no way it's constitutional. None of this is. And we mostly would go along, but you guys have to keep making spectacles of yourselves! Cut it out!

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