Monday, March 28, 2011

Is a Government Shutdown on the Way?

My Senator, Harry Reid. He doesn't do
"tough guy" very well. Image from AOL
Last time there was a government shut down, it didn't go so well for Republicans or then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. This time, a potential shutdown is still pretty much at the feet of the GOP if it happens, but they're scrambling like mad to paint it as the President's fault, or the Democrats' fault at least. I just wish they'd all get their shit together, realize that there's more than just politics at stake here (barely recovering economy, three or four wars going on). It isn't going to be pretty, and it wouldn't be particularly surprising to see everyone getting blowback on this one.


Government Funding Talks Devolve Into Widespread Recriminations

Negotiations over a resolution to keep the government funded until the fall have devolved into recriminations, with Senate Democrats arguing that House Republicans moved the goal posts, party operatives criticizing the White House's negotiating tactics, and GOP leadership calling congressional Democratic demands unreasonable. . .
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