Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blast from the Past: Diet Sodas of the 70s, 80s & 90s

Do you ever listen to a gasbag like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, and ask yourself, "Just who IS this guy, and why is he qualified to have this opinion?" Yeah me too. Which is why I haven't sounded off too much about the big stories of the past few weeks. Wisconsin and the protests against GOP overreach, sure, I don't think I'm stepping out of my zone so much for that. But Egypt? Libya? Earthquakes? Tsunamis? Nuclear freaking meltdown? I can comment on all of them, but I'm having trouble sounding off, you know?

So, it's good that it's time for Blast from the Past, a weekly feature that is pure frivolity, with a dash of nostalgia. And I was inspired by my previous post on diet sodas. You can't get more frivolous--or onto a topic I know more about--than that! Oh, I've done a Blast from the Past on the subject of sodas before. But I promise to find some I haven't used before.

#1 Diet Mountain Dew - My favorite diet soda was introduced in the 80s, and just in time for my metabolism to implode. For some reason, Mountain Dew (original AND diet) were considered EXTREME!!! Whatever, it just tastes good.

#2 Diet Shasta - Somewhere between a store brand and the generic white can with black letters that says "soda," was this low-rent brand. When you bought it, you hid it in a cozy or poured it and threw away the can.

#3 Diet Sprite - This 80s commercial, starring a pre-famous Sharon Stone shows the leading diet soda that WASN'T a cola. Before Diet Dew, there wasn't much else, except the rarely found Fresca. Speaking of which. . .

#4 Fresca - There aren't many Fresca commercials to find, and there wasn't much Fresca to find either, for a lot of years. It was as rare as TaB. And that brings us to. . .

#5 TaB - TaB's got sass! And Lyle from Blazing Saddles! This isn't my favorite TaB commercial, but I've used the other one before, so. . .

#6 Diet Slice - Yeah, "We Got the Juice!" might not be the best slogan when using a bunch of baseball players. But what did they know, it was the 80s!

#7 TaB again - What the hell, I love this jingle.

Happy Monday!

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