Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sharron Angle is Back! This Time Running for Congress

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In a sort of convoluted shuffling of the deck chairs, John Ensign (R-Hairdo) is "retiring" from the Senate, Congressman Dean Heller is running for his vacated seat, and defeated former Senate candidate (and batshit crazy) Sharron Angle is running for Heller's Congressional seat! Not satisfied with embarrassing the state of Nevada and herself in 2010, Angle is determined to do it again in 2012. But a flameout of a campaign is by no means a disqualifier for political fame in today's GOP, that's for sure.


Angle's Entry A Game-Changer in Congressional Race

Barely a day after Congressman Dean Heller signaled he's running for the Senate, the race to replace him just got more interesting.

Former Senate candidate Sharron Angle's announcement that she will be running for the seat in Congressional District Two complicates the Republican party's effort to avoid a divisive primary. . .

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