Thursday, March 24, 2011

Look Out, Oprah: The Glenn Beck Channel May be Coming!

Image from NY Times
Oh, the mind wobbles, doesn't it? Glenn Beck taking over a cable channel? 24-hours of Beck? Well, MTV isn't doing anything worthwhile. SyFy seems to have lost any identity it had, and VH1 has been so many things, it's probably due for another. I'd like to come up with a clever name for it, something so wacky it could never really happen. But I just can't conjure up something stranger than a 24-hour Glenn Beck Channel.


Glenn Beck Contemplates Starting Own Channel

The possibility that Glenn Beck will exit the Fox News Channel at the end of the year has prompted a big question in media circles: if he leaves, how will he bring his considerable audience with him? . . .

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1 comment:

  1. The Tea Party Channel, 24/7
    That's enough to drive most people insane, including myself, but there is an audience out there.
    Look at MSNBC.


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