Saturday, March 12, 2011

Science is Cool: How Men Lost Their Penis Spines

Hey, everybody! I didn't get anything up on the blog on Friday, because I was quite simply spending time with The Other Half. Thanks to my good friend Stupid Monkey Planet for sending me some links so that I could at least get something fresh up. And leave it to the Monkey to find something kind of bawdy about science, and monkeys! I think that straight women and gay men can all breathe a healthy whew! when they find out that men came thisclose to having spiny penises!

Image from BoingBoing

How Men Lost Their Penis Spines
Time to give thanks for your genome: A new study finds that at some point in our evolutionary history, humans lost a stretch of DNA that would have otherwise promoted the growth of spines on the penis. . .

Read more at: Live Science

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