Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79

Image from source, LA Times
By now, this is no longer breaking news of course, but I had to mention it for a couple of reasons. First, Elizabeth Taylor is one of the last of the golden age of Hollywood, at least of the big stars (Debbie Reynolds is still kicking, and probably very happy about that).  Second, for all of the good things that happened to her, Taylor had a hell of a rocky ride of it, with more health problems than most families endure. But for me, a big part of her lasting legacy will be the work she did on behalf of people living with AIDS.

Thanks to her great friendship with Rock Hudson (and undoubtedly others), she was outspoken about the disease at a time when few were. She started The American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), and spoke before Congress. So, Taylor leaves behind a tremendous legacy, and not just beautiful pictures and good (and bad) movies. RIP, Liz.


Elizabeth Taylor, legendary actress, dies at 79

Elizabeth Taylor, star of stage and screen who married multiple times, became a successful businesswoman and helped to pioneer the fight against AIDS, dies of congestive heart failure. . .
Read more at: Los Angeles Times

On a side note, we can add one more to the "Greenlee Curse." There have been several celebrities, all--at the time--off the radar, who have died the day after I had a conversation with someone about them. Starting with Elvis, and on to Isabel Sanford, Nell Carter, Bea Arthur, Dan Fogelberg (an odd bunch to be sure), along with others, I've been astonished to say after each one, "I was just talking about them." I need to be more careful.

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