Friday, March 4, 2011

BYU Suspends Star Player for Having Consensual Sex

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I'm not a sports fan. No, that's an understatement. Except for the Super Bowl, it is unlikely that I catch more than five minutes of sports in any given year. Until a couple of years ago, I had no idea that "March Madness" had anything to do with basketball, let alone college basketball. Sports are just out of my orbit. But not as much as religion is.

As little as I understand sports fandom (except for a brief dalliance with hockey, spurred by my friend Stupid Monkey Planet and my new in 2004 HDTV), I understand religious belief even less. Religious people think that unbelief (disbelief?) is a form of belligerence, a deliberate denial. It isn't. It is a total lack of interest. It rates somewhere with my belief in Santa Claus or gnomes. It doesn't ever cross my mind that there might be something to it. In fact, it rarely even crosses my mind at all outside of political discussions.

So, when in 2011--a year when the world was supposed to look like The Jetsons--we've got a lauded college with a prestigious basketball team who boots their star player right before March Madness, it wouldn't cross my mind that it was for religious reasons. But, aapparently, if you live in Utah, whether you are Mormon or not, you've got to tolerate a near theocracy. And if you go to school at Brigham Young University, you've really got to comply. But I've got a little newsflash for the "elders" at BYU: college kids have sex. Even Mormon college kids have sex. Some of 'em even have the gay sex! It's true! And you can't suspend them all.


BYU's Davies suspended for having premarital sex

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that leading BYU rebounder Brandon Davies was booted from the team because he engaged in premarital sex, a violation of the school’s honor code that says students must remain “chaste and virtuous. . .”

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