Monday, March 7, 2011

Blast from the Past: Snack Cakes!

I'm still trying to stick to the Atkins Diet, but I find myself weak on weekends. I'm pretty good about it throughout the week, then we have some sort of get together, and I throw caution to the wind. I'm still hoping that those Carb Intercept capsules are a little more than a placebo (but if they are a placebo, don't tell me!). One thing that I haven't had much of for a long time are snack cakes. I love them, particularly Little Debbie BIG oatmeal pies. As a kid, I was fortunate to a) have a hyper metabolism and b) have a step dad who worked part time at a grocery store. Dad would bring home truckloads of expiring store-brand snack cakes, mostly of the Hostess-similar varieties. We'd throw them into the big chest freezer, and have an almost endless supply of these goodies. It was rare to get the real Hostess versions, but the commercials made me want 'em!

1. Hostess Cupcakes - This was the catch-all ad for all of Hostess' delicious (but surely bad for you) concoctions. The goodies in this commercial--if uneaten--are probably still as edible as they were in the seventies.

2. Hostess Twinkies - I don't care what anybody said, if you Hostess whittled down their products to ONE brand, it would be Twinkies. And who can forget Twinkie the Kid?

3. Little Debbie Snack Cakes - I never understood the appeal of Rich Little. But Little Debbie has a special place in my heart (and stomach).

4. Dolly Madison Zingers - These things were fantastic. I loved the raspberry coconut ones. (Drooool)

5. Dunkin Donuts Munchkins - You had to go to the donut shop for these, but I loved them. But couldn't they come up with a better spokesperson than apple-headed Mason Reese? Scary.

6. Rice Krispies Treats - These were snack cakes with some assembly required. Well, until they started selling them in the store, because of lazy and/or sarcastic mothers like the one in the commercial.

Okay, go out and get some snack cakes, and get that sugar rush going. It's a brand new week. Happy Monday!

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