Saturday, March 5, 2011

FOX "News" Still Using Newt Gingrich After "Suspending" Him

"So, that's why my three marriages shows
sanctity, but gay marriage is WRONG."

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FOX "News" suspended both Newt Gingrich and Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum last week, on speculation that they might run for President in 2012. FOX was given a little bit of a credibility boost by doing this, but that was countered by the fact that they employ at least five possible candidates (Sarah Palin, John Bolton and Mike Huckabee are also on deck). But by removing Gingrich and Santorum, they gave the appearance of at least caring a little bit about journalistic integrity.

In what should come as no surprise at all, this does not mean anything will really change. Instead of being a paid news commentator, now--Gingrich at least--will merely be an unpaid political candidate acting as a news commentator. See? It's so different! On Friday, Gingrich had a heavily promoted appearance on Hannity, and he's currently got a heavily promoted appearance slated for On the Record with Greta VanWhatsername. If you're counting, that's two appearances in two business days after the suspension.


A day after he was suspended, Newt Gingrich appears on Fox News

Last night Sean Hannity hosted Newt Gingrich for an interview just one day after Fox News announced a temporary suspension of Gingrich.  Fox News suspended Gingrich because they stated he had “signaled” a possible run for the presidency.  Under the suspension Gingrich will presumably no longer be paid to appear on Fox News, but Gingrich can clearly still appear on Fox News all he wants. . .

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