Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three States Cutting Taxes For Rich, Raising Them on Middle Class

Image from ThinkProgress
How long is this going to go on before people really start to notice? Can they continue to snow enough people with political advertising, think tanks, FOX "News", talk radio, Frank Luntz and the rest, indefinitely? Yes, I know that the arguments can have some semi-good points. I mean, yeah, them teachers is getting too many benefits and livin' high on the hog and shit! But damn it, folks. Have you noticed that every tax break either includes or is exclusively for rich people and corporations? Have you noticed that all the cutting, the sacrificing, the pain is being born by the poor, the old, the sick and the working class?

Even the tea partiers were out there complaining about the bailouts (though they conflate several issues, and pin it all on President Obama, even though President Bush had a lot to do with them). We the taxpayers bailed out Wall Street and the banks, right? And now, the rich guys are flush with cash. Oil companies continue to make more billions in profits than any other corporations in the history of humans. So, what is the solution? Tax breaks for corporations, and benefit cuts for working people, poor people, the elderly and infirm.

We could do well as a society to learn to come together for a common cause, sacrificing for the common good. The "greatest generation" did it during World War II, everybody did it, even the rich and corporations. But now, "sacrifice" is to be born only by those who can least afford it.


REPORT: Three States Propose Massive Tax Cuts For Millionaires, Tax Hikes for Middle Class

Last week, ThinkProgress documented conservative efforts in twelve states to shift the tax burden onto the middle class even while cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy. In three states, conservatives are going even further, proposing massive estate tax cuts for millionaires even as income inequality is at its worse since the 1920s. . .
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