Saturday, March 19, 2011

Science is Cool: Get Ready to Get Mooned!

I still can't wrap my brain entirely around the whole moon illusion. I know that it's true, but I still don't really get it. When the moon is at the horizon, you know how sometimes it looks enormous? And then after it rises to its zenith, it looks teeny-tiny? In reality it is more or less the same size in both places, and we're just seeing an illusion. Why this illusion remains true if you block other items in your field of vision with your hands, framing the moon with your fingers is what I don't get. Anyway, there are some variations in the moon's size, and today is the day it is at its biggest in 20 years. So remember to look to the east tonight, and blow your mind!

Image from source, Raw Story

“Super moon” to brighten the skies on Saturday

When the full moon rises on Saturday night, it will be bigger and brighter than at any time for almost 20 years -- and that is setting off alarm bells for those who make it their business to warn of impending doom. . .

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  1. Las Vegas has 300 days of sun/moon shine a year.
    Tonight is going to be #@%$^# cloudy!
    This sucks.


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