Sunday, September 21, 2008

Al Franken for Senate!

I may have run this clip before, but it still cracks me up. And I'm still trying to avoid being "spoiled" for the Emmys, so I can't hit the internets as hard as usual.

I don't live in Minnesota, so I can't vote for Al Franken for US Senate. But I wish we had someone as colorful, smart and funny here Nevada to vote for. We're the home of Harry Reid, John Ensign and Jon Porter, don't forget. . .borrring! Franken would provide the "change" that has become the mantra this election season, and he's a smart guy too. Better than that, though, he's hilarious, and he would make conservatives' heads explode!

Al Franken: Where Rush Limbaugh's Facts Come From (or, Don't Eat What Comes from Rush's Butt)

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