Thursday, September 18, 2008

Watch What the Other Hand is Doing. . .

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I've brought up this topic before, but it bears repeating. When something is going on in the news that is overriding everything else, it is wise to poke around, and see what else is going on. The mainstream press isn't very adept these days at covering more than one or two big stories at a time. This is most noticeable when a blonde woman in trouble captures the nation's fancy.

But when the main story is detrimental to Republicans, it isn't unusual for a manufactured story to crop up. Remember all of the ultimately bogus "terror alerts" during the 2004 Presidential election? So now that the economy has moved from worry to actual crisis, and McCain-Palin's big bounce has dribbled to a stop, what is going to happen tomorrow? Will it be another "lipstick on a pig" faux outrage? Some kind of September surprise?

Joe Sudbay of AmericaBlog is as suspicious as I am, and has covered it better than I feel able to, so. . .


Distraction Alert. You know it's coming.

Given the current state of the McCain/Palin campaign (it's crashing) -- and the horrible state of the economy (it's crashing) -- you have to know some major distraction is in the pipeline from the GOP. McCain has to do something to change the subject. So, expect some vintage Rovian trick. But, this one will have to be extra ugly. . .

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