Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain Suspends Campaign, Cancels Debate

Photo from source, Huffington Post

Wow. What a day for news, and I got so wrapped up in it, I got to my blogging chair a little late. Also, probably well after everyone else has already got everything covered. Nevertheless, I shall forge ahead.

First up, is John McCain's puzzling call to suspend his Presidential campaign in order to "help" on the big financial bailout. He's also trying to cancel Friday's scheduled debate with Barack Obama. So what would motivate this? What happened today that hasn't been going on for the last week and a half? What dire emergency led to McCain picking today to use the radical and unusually loaded word, "suspend?"

Rachel Maddow brought this up on her MSNBC show, and concluded that all that changed was some really bad poll numbers for McCain. But there were other issues as well. There are a few unsavory things being brought to light about Sarah Palin, for instance. Then there's Rick Davis, the guy running McCain's campaign, and his uncomfortable closeness to the Freddy Mac fiasco.

I have two theories. One, McCain and his campaign have a plan that they're sure will score them big points in the end, something we haven't heard the details of yet. Or, much more likely, there is some big bombshell that McCain is trying to build a fence around. As I always say, watch what the other hand is doing.


John McCain, losing ground as the economic crisis deepens, sought today to beat Barack Obama to the punch by suspending his campaign, postponing Friday's presidential debate, and calling for an emergency meeting between the President, congressional leaders and both nominees to produce legislation addressing the threat of a Wall Street collapse and a dangerous recession. . .

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