Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chris Matthews Shreds McCain Surrogate

Have you ever heard of an MSNBC show called Hardball? It's been around a while, and used to coexist with CNN's Crossfire (which Jon Stewart helped get cancelled). Both shows were aptly named, with Crossfire featuring a liberal and a conservative lobbing verbal grenades across the desk, and on Hardball, Chris Matthews pummeling guests with "hardball" questions.

But something happened during the Bush Administration. The media--for reasons still unknown--played softball with Bushco. Conservatives will deny this, but they obviously choose to forget the fervor with which the press went after Bill Clinton. Hardball was never quite the same after that.

But this clip from a recent Hardball seems to show that Matthews has gotten his fight back. Watch him tear apart John McCain surrogate, Eric Cantor.

And read more here: Think Progress

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