Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McCain Campaign Running Alaska?

Whenever an elected politician runs for a higher office, there is a certain amount of complaining--mostly by opponents--that they aren't doing the job they were elected to do. It's kind of a silly, since most people running are currently in office. But it does make you wonder who is running the show sometimes.

You'd think that in Alaska, Sarah Palin's Lieutenant Governor would be ably in charge, and things would need no further help unless there were a state emergency. But, oddly, it would seem that the McCain campaign has stepped up to the plate, and is pretty much running things. Um, what?


Abdication by Palin
When did the McCain campaign take over the governor's office?

Is it too much to ask that Alaska's governor speak for herself, directly to Alaskans, about her actions as Alaska's governor?

A press conference Thursday showed how skewed Alaska's relationship with its own governor has become. . .

Read more at: Anchorage Daily News

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