Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sam Donaldson Revives McCain "Age" Issue

I got up early this morning to see The Other Half off on a trip, and then trundled into the TV room to watch the Sunday morning political talk shows. Ugh. Borrrrring would be putting it lightly. Were it not for my five cups of coffee, I never would have made it.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was on every show I watched, and the only thing I remember about him? That he has an unfortunate "tic." When he finishes a thought, he tightens his mouth into an "O" and then licks around the circle. The word creepy doesn't do it justice.

Then, I saw Michael Bloomberg, and really couldn't glean much, except that he has a massive ego. And he has his own tic; a raised, clenched left hand, with his index finger doing a little "world's smallest violin" maneuver. Maybe it was just me this morning, but I just couldn't focus on what anybody was saying. But then, I didn't get to watch This Week with George Stephanopoulos on ABC due to pre-emption.

Catching this clip on YouTube, I realize that I missed the only interesting part of all of the shows. Sam Donaldson calling out John McCain for his age? Whoa!

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