Friday, September 26, 2008

David Letterman vs. John McCain Follow-up

Last night's Late Show with David Letterman featured quite a bit of follow-up talk by the host, of how he was stood-up by John McCain the night before. Letterman goes far out of his way to declare McCain a "real American hero," before criticizing him. It's a preamble that I believe should ought to be considered implied from now on. . .it's been endlessly rehashed, and does McCain critics to favors.

Nobody starts criticisms of Barack Obama by saying, "He's got a tremendous presence, has worked hard, and has made a name for himself after coming from humble beginnings. He's the embodiment of the American Dream. . ." So why the fawning over McCain? Every. Single. Time?

Anyway, on with the video clip. I doubt that Letterman is actually peeved, but his faux outrage is always good for a laugh.

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