Saturday, September 20, 2008

Little Britain, USA Debuts September 28th

Image from Daily Mail

Do you like British comedies? Not everybody does. I certainly didn't when it came to Absolutely Fabulous the first time I saw it. Same thing with Blackadder, Are You Being Served? and Keeping Up Appearances. But a funny thing happens for me with British humor. . .if I stick with it, and keep watching, I like them more. In fact, once I "get" where they're going, I love it. All of the shows in this list have become favorites of mine to a different degree (AbFab on top, KUA toward the bottom--yes, Mr. Humphries, I mean you).

One of the bigger hits from across the pond in recent years was Little Britain. It's a delightfully quirky, scattershot sketch comedy show. Like our own Saturday Night Live, it has fits of brilliance intermixed with spots that leave you scratching your head. Unlike SNL, the bits don't go on forever, and if they don't hit your funnybone, they're gone in half a minute. And unlike anything on American television, Little Britain is dreadfully, shockingly inappropriate to everybody in every way--in short, my kind of show.

HBO has wisely brought the show to America as Little Britain, USA, and it debuts on Sunday, September 28. Take a look at the preview below for a hint at what it's like. And do yourself a favor; if you don't get it at first, or don't like it. . .watch it some more. I'll guarantee you, after two or three shows, you'll be quoting the shows you thought you didn't like!

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