Monday, September 22, 2008

FOX "News" Complains About Al Franken

Image from source, Raw Story

I knew that the biggest FOX "News" star, Bill O'Reilly had it in for comedian-turned-candidate for Senate, Al Franken. But I didn't know that other hosts, like Steve Doocey from the oddly named FOX and Friends, also had a problem with Franken too.

As I mentioned before, Franken had something to do with the opening skit on Saturday Night Live this weekend, regarding John McCain's deceitful campaign ads. Franken says he merely suggested the theme of the piece to his former boss, Lorne Michaels, and that it was actually written by others. As a former employee of SNL, it isn't all that odd for Franken to have input on the show. And as a candidate for the Senate, I can't really see how input on a bit about the Presidential election has anything to do with anything.

But Doocey certainly does have a problem with it, suggesting that it is, or ought to be illegal. Ummm, huh? This coming from a network that employs Karl Rove as a campaign commentator while he simultaneously is advising McCain's campaign. That ought to be illegal.


Fox host: Franken 'writing' McCain SNL skit can't 'possibly be legal'

The already convoluted story linking comedian-turned-candidate Al Franken to a Saturday Night Live sketch mocking John McCain was blown further out of proportion on Monday, when the hosts of Fox and Friends insisted that Franken had personally written the sketch in question. . .

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And here's the video again, in case you missed it.

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