Monday, September 29, 2008

John McCain Declares Victory! He's Wrong, Of Course

Last week, the John McCain campaign produced a web ad that declared McCain the winner of Friday's debate. The problem? It was released before the debate ever occurred. And of course, the general consensus is that Barack Obama won.

McCain's temporal displacement problem continued today, when he declared victory in the government bailout plan, which ultimately failed. His next trick will likely be to claim he killed the bill. Anyway, when you throw in the suspending of his campaign, and then his not suspending it; his claim that he would cancel the debate unless a plan was approved, and then debating anyway. . .well, how can we trust this guy?

To deflect attention from all of this, McCain came out and tried to take control of the failed bailout message. He first claims the old line from Katrina: Now is not the time for blame. Then he proceeds to blame Barack Obama. Can you get any more Bush than that? At least he didn't try to blame Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco.

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