Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Steven Weber: Comatose Americans Get Fleeced Again

Photo from AOL

Another great blog post by actor Steven Weber is up on The Huffington Post, and it's a doozy. If you've been staring wide-eyed at your computer or TV, trying to understand this whole financial mess, you're not alone. But at least you're paying attention. Unfortunately, most of America went along with the stolen election of 2000, the Iraq War plan, the stolen election of 2004, constant redefining of reality by Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, and oh so much more.

So is it really a surprise that people are just sitting there scratching their heads (or other body parts) while the Bush Administration takes every last dime out of the treasury (and then some), and gives it to it's rich friends?


Afghanistan Bananastand Redux

It's really happening.

Like a scenario from a high-tech political thriller with Orwellian overtones, the fleecing of America is occurring right in front of our disbelieving eyes. Through years of induced passivity and using the people's innate pride and loyalty against them, the infrastructure was put in place and the sting was executed.

Hell, it's going on now. . .

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