Friday, September 26, 2008

Whoa! Conservative Writer Wants Palin Off the Ticket

I just found this at AmericaBlog, and it's pretty amazing. It's one thing for liberals to dismiss Sarah Palin as vastly unqualified for the job of Vice President or President. But when a respected conservative writer at a respected conservative website says so? Stop the presses--er, the broadband? We need a new expression there, but this is one of those moments!


Townhall writer calls on Palin to step down and leave race

This is a conservative writer at the lead conservative Web site. This is a woman who was a fan of Sarah Palin, and now thinks Palin is wholly unqualified to be president of the United States. There is so much import to this article. . .

First off, the writer is a real conservative, not some liberal. (She's been called "an Ann Coulter wannabe," and Media Matters even recently sent out an alert about her.") Second, she's a woman. Third, she was a Palin fan. . .

Read more at: AmericaBlog and National Review Online

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