Thursday, September 18, 2008

John McCain Confused About Location of Spain?

Photo from source, Raw Story

I saw a little of this story two days ago, but elected not to post on it, because I wasn't sure there was much "there" there. But after a little more investigation, there really is more.

John McCain is supposedly the go-to candidate for foreign policy. But in this campaign, he's shown an astonishing lack of knowledge on basic geography. But the question is, does he not get it, or does he not remember it? I think it's a valid question, and I'm relieved that the mainstream media is actually asking it.


McCain seems confused by questions about Spain in radio interview

Does John McCain know where Spain is, or who leads the country?The Republican presidential nominee's responses in a recent interview with a Spanish language radio station suggest the answer to those questions might in fact be no. Either that or the 72-year-old candidate became confused after a series of questions about Latin America, or he was simply snubbing a US ally that decided to end its involvement in the Iraq war. . .

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