Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin Has a Bad Couple of Days

It's truly humorous to head over to right-wing world to see what they're saying about Sarah Palin these days. FreeRepublic is the wingnut outpost I'm most familiar with, but I suspect the reaction is similar at other venues.

I'll start out by saying that in the month or so we (and they) have known who the heck Sarah Palin is, the FReepers have been head over heels, rapturously, nuttily in love with her. Things that make liberals cringe. And that sort of stands to reason. But as the cracks have started to show, and more negative information about Palin comes to light, they seem to be straining mightily to keep the love alive.

To make my point, let me first show you a clip from Countdown with Keith Olbermann from this evening, outlining the relatively bad couple of days Palin has had on the campaign trail.

Now, a selection of comments from FreeRepublic, on how they're responding to the series of gaffes. . .

On the Couric interviews:
"I just watched both segments. I think she handled herself well in both of them."

On her visit to New York (site of the 9/11-Iraq conflation):
"She has great taste in clothing. I’m hoping she causes a renaissance. Slut chic is so slutty."

"She was Fabulous!!!"

On the pastor who went on real-life witch hunts:
"The truth is that most Americans believe in the supernatural. This could help Sarah more than hurt her."


Source: FreeRepublic

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